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How to find and define your dream client is a step missed by a lot of business owners. Understanding who your dream client is and what their pain points are is fundamental to creating a product that solves their problems and resolves their concerns. What are the dreams and values held dear by your client? Are you taking a stand and attracting the kind of clients you want to work with. If you try to appeal to everyone, then you will appeal to no one.

How do your offers connect with your clients in terms of the result that your client is looking for? In today’s market you must have online sales funnels, there are some different software providers out there, the bottom line is that you must learn to harness the power of online sales funnels in order to be able to market effectively.

Traditional websites often do not convert traffic into clients, but a tested and tweaked online sales funnel can convert at a high enough rate with analytics to back up your results and show that you can literally spend $1 and make $2 to $3 or more. When you can understand exactly what your cost to acquire a client or customer is, then you have yourself a business that is ready to scale and grow!

With this course you’ll learn:

  • How to create beautiful online sales funnels that convert.
  • The proven techniques to market online including social media platforms.
  • The powerful Dream 100 concept to 10x your business with little spend.

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